MK Dynamics

Electronics - 100V to 12V 5A Buck Converter



The item is a buck converter power supply that is fed with 100VDC and converts this input into 12VDC. The maximum load current is 5A. The architecture is a synchronous forward converter. The design is intended mainly for household use, but can see operation outdoors. Specific requirements are shown below:


  • Voltage input
    • 130V nominal
    • 110V maximum
    • 80V minimum
  • Input current available
    • 10A maximum
  • Voltage Output
    • Nominal output voltage: 12V
    • Allowable ripple voltage: 50mV peak to peak
  • Current Output
    • Minimum load: 0 Amps
    • Maximum load: 5 Amps
  • Environment
    • Interfaces to household wiring
    • Will see outdoor use
    • Exposed to lightning
    • Must survive reversed input voltage
    • Must survive overvoltage and undervoltage transients
    • Must provide 20ms output holdup at maximum load
  • Efficiency
    • Must be greater than 90%

General Architecture